Ever feel like your upvotes aren’t special or hold no value? Now, they can be special and can hold value.

UPVT (UPVOTE) is meant to give a meaning to someone’s upvote, because every upvote you get or give holds a value. It is used for fact checking as well. UPVOTE can be the difference between fake news and real news. We at UPVOTE promote a world where your upvotes hold value. We like the idea of posting and linking top rated news articles that are truthful and memes. Like a “today’s UPVOTE’s”.

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What does that mean? UPVOTE holds all the exact same qualities as Tron because UPVOTE is created from the Tron blockchain. Tron is a coin that now has its own blockchain network that one can view on tronscan.org. This being said, you cannot send your Tron currency to and Ethereum wallet. Tron focuses on decentralizing the internet, targeting large groups such as online games, movies, music, and social networks. Right now Tron is one of the fastest blockchains available with 2000 transactions per second (Bitcoin: 3-6 TPS and Ethereum: 25TPS).


As everyone who has used Facebook, Reddit, Imgur, Youtube, Etc, any website that uses an interface where users can vote on a post or video, they have noticed that likes hold very little value other than sending that post higher in the sites algorithm, thus giving it more views and
possibly more ad revenue. The voter gets nothing.


With UPVOTE and the final product of our official site, we hope to highlight users for voting. Also, as UPVOTE is a cryptocurrency, it hold value. That is the main point of the coin. Your UPVOTES on our website and Telegram channel now hold value and mean something.


It’s a common issue on social media page that your vote feels like a hollow click and then a scroll down to the next article. We want you to feel that when you UPVOTE that you are rewarding that original poster for great content and giving them the sense of success, pride and the drive to eventually provide more great content.


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